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For friends, family, and all lovers of dirt bikes

CROOM requires Title to obtain decals (N.B. this has been revoked)

(P.S. I have been told that this is back in effect ???)

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Dirt Riding
	Help --- Stuff beginners need to know							
		Choke --- When to use, when NOT to use
		Seizures --- What causes them
	Trail (general all around riding)							
		FTR (Florida Trail Riders)
	Trials (as in Observed Trials)							
		What is TRIALS?
		Trials Action site (British)
		FTA (new site) FTA (old site) (Florida Trials Association) and FTA (MSN Communities --- click on page FTA)
		Trials Link page
		MX (Motocross) 2003 AMA/Chevy Trucks U. S. Motocross Series
		SX (Supercross)
		FMX (Freestyle)
	Places to ride in Florida (with maps)
	Other Motor Sports
		Auto Racing	Short Track USA
			Florida 	Florida Stock Car Racing	
				St. Petersburg 	Sunshine Speedway	Footprints USA
		BBB (Bikes, Blades, and Boards)
		BMX (Bicycle motocross)
Computers (This is important, you are using one now)		
		Langa List (recommended reading)
		Cool and Neat Stuff (shortcuts, etc.) and Secrets
			Comet Cursors
		Useful Stuff
		new ISP Server pays you to use internet
		Remember the little red button? Push the little red button! Shutdown the Internet
		General information - must reading if you use a computer
		Tricks Por-nagra-phers Play
	Web page stuff, like for webmasters
		Counters and Services
			Bravenet	Freebies for Web masters to use on their sites including counters, surveys, classified adds, Java-based chat and more
			Power Mail Box	mailing list service
			Everyone.com	email for your site (member_name@your_site.com) and other services for home pages 
	Souper Bowl
Food for thought
	Letter to God
	Jokes are on page 3
	Calendars (this is just being tested but check out the Croom map on 7-8-02)
	Free Email at Dirtcycles.com
   Classifieds --- Advertise your bike for sale or look for something you are interested in 
		 MotoCentral.com --- on-line news and articles
	Manufacturers Home Pages
		Fantic (Trials bikes)
	New Years
	Fourth of July
	Halloween		Links	1999	2000	2003
	Thanksgiving	2000
	Christmas		2002
Misc. (Stuff that didn't fit anyplace else)	
	What year is that used bike?
	debarcode.html (de-code a UPC bar code and find the manufacturer)
	URL information --- more than you wanted to know about obscuring URL's

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Motocross, scrambling   noun [U] 
the sport of racing over rough ground on specially strengthened motorcycles 
Motocross circuits include natural obstacles such as streams and hills.

mo·to·cross (mt-krôs, -krs)
n. Abbr. MX Sports

A cross-country motorcycle race over a closed course of rough terrain with steep hills and sharp curves.

Main Entry: mo·to·cross
Pronunciation: 'mO-tO-"kros
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from moto motorcycle (short for motocyclette) + cross-country, from English
Date: 1951
: a closed-course motorcycle race over natural or simulated rough terrain (as with steep inclines, hairpin turns, and mud); also : the sport of engaging in motocross races


a cross-country race for lightweight motorcycles over rough terrain.

























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