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Seizures --- What causes them

well there are different types of seizures. the first i'd like to address is the cold seizure. now ya know them idiots in the pits who start there bikes up and rev them wide open and say i'm just cleanin her out, yup, there cleanin off presious aluminum and cylinder wall cause when you rev the bike up when cold the piston will heat up from the increased friction and expand quicker then the cylinder walls do, then it becomes tight and a four corner seizure happens.
the next is just an old piston, when a piston gets old a thing called blowby will happen, the piston will not fit snug in the cylinder and when this happens, it doesn't keep all of the explosive heat on top of the piston during explosions so the heat blows by the crown and down the side heating up the piston and melting it to the cylinder wall. a third is holding yer bike wide open for more then 30 seconds or so will build up too much heat in the cylinder and melt the piston, =seizure. and then theres the lean misture, take yer plug out. if shes white shes lean, keep it like this and go down a long hill wide open and at the bottom of the hill if its in the shade i would predict a seizure right there and then, especially in the fall. the thing is the oil in yer gas is the cylinders only lubricant, now if you go too lean the motor will burn it all up and the cylinder wall becomes dry and thus no lubrication means no racing today billy.

Wide open 'till you see god, then brake.

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